How to make a girl come fast on bed?

How to make a girl come fast on bed?

We all know that in females, the orgasm lasts from 6 to 30 seconds, and the rest depends on the moves a person is taking and her mood as well. If you are making the right moves, then it will be going to give you a long time in bed with her. But do you feel like your girl takes a bit long to be in bed with you? If yes, then here we are disclosing six tips that not only let her come fast on the bed but make the intercourse time more happening.

Tips to know:-

Decorate your room like a hotel room:

The ambiance creates a lot of difference when it comes to having good intercourse. Be ready to convert your room into a hotel room. Just play light music in the background and light up some candles around. Turn off all the cell phones and unlock all the doors around. Do not forget to use a room freshener to give the room a refreshing environment.

Compliment her as much as you can:

The moment she enters the room, the very next moment, you have to compliment her. If she feels good about herself, she will definitely get attracted to you as well. But if you are making her feel vulnerable, then she will not like to be with you at all. Give a compliment about her looks and distract her so that she can experience the pleasure. Do not forget to be expressive and confess your feelings. This not only lets her be in a moment but also lets her understand your intentions.

Talk Dirty:

When she feels a bit lost in the moment, the time has come when you talk dirty. Dirty talks do half of the work, and it gave some attention as well. You can start telling her what you feel about her and what you feel about her naked body. Also, the more you tease her, the more she will feel satisfied with you. Be dominant and submissive at the same time so she can enjoy both your faces and behave accordingly.

Tease her:

Teasing is also an important part when you want her be on the bed with you soon. Be oral and vocal about the things you want to enjoy. Start your work gently so that she can respond and get close to orgasm as well. When she is on the verge, you will be able to notice the restlessness she is going through. It will bring out pleasure, and the intensity with which she wants to be on the bed with you will excite you a lot.

Cover all the bases:

Do not forget to cover all the bases. Start with oral and do not forget to explore all the erogenous parts of her body. There is a lot which you can explore like the clitoris, vagina, G-Spot, nipple, even her anus. But you need to be a bit gentle, and when you both are in a moment and ready to do it, rub her clitoris and get a bonus.

Back of a little:

If you want to enjoy more, then be ready to back off for a little as well. On the verge of orgasm, the clitorises become very sensitive, and as a result, if you are backing off for a while, she will get more excited to do it.

These are the tips which make a girl come fast on bed with you. Be sure about it, and every step you will be going to take when being in bed with her.