10 Serious Long Term Relationship Problems

Long term relationships are great undoubtedly, but it requires a bit of maintenance. For starters, you can lose out the spark which kept you engrossed during the initial days, as time goes on. Since every couple is different and nothing is guaranteed, here are a few things which might turn difficult in a relationship.

  • Contradicting goals and visions

While every couple might own different goals and visions, it is important to be heading in the same direction. When both individuals have different goals, problems are bound to occur because of the absence of a middle ground.

  • Cheating or infidelity

Keep in mind that a cheating partner can send a relationship in flames. Although it is possible to overcome a cheating incident, a lot of healing process is usually involved behind this.

  • Low self-esteem

Although lower self-esteem does not have the ability alone to ruin a long term relationship, it often goes hand in hand with control issues. Anyone having this deadly combo might find it difficult to make their relationships work.

  • Lower levels of intimacy

If you both are not intimate, in every sense, both physically and mentally, it can take a toll on your relationship. Let’s admit that intimacy makes us feel whole, cherished and loved and without it, one or both of you wouldn’t want to stick around.

  • Sexual incompatibility

If your sex life is not desirable, then both of you have to put in efforts to keep the spark alive. But what if there is a lack of sexual compatibility due to different sexual drives? If this happens, then it is very difficult to stay together for a long time.

  • Lack of communication

Often individuals staying in long term relationships take everything for granted and thus stop communicating with their partner. One of the most common mistakes individuals commit is not telling their partner about the small and big moments of their life.

  • Not spending time together

This is another common mistake most individuals in a long term relationship commit, and this kills all the remaining sparks. Set time aside for quality time together, that might include dinner date to a fancy restaurant or a movie night together! Even in this online era, the worth of in-person dates is unbelievable.

  • The habit of ignoring each other

In every relationship, problems are bound to arise but that doesn’t imply that you would simply start ignoring each other. Ignoring your partner when they demand your attention can be harmful to the longevity of your relationship.

  • Lack of trust

Believe it or not, trust acts like glue which binds each and every aspect of relationships together. The components of trust are reliability, accountability, and generosity, and if your relationship lacks these, then you are in trouble!

  • Not having fun

Couples should do at least some things together, and that includes having fun. While the way to extract fun can be different for everyone, you should do everything which brings in sheer joy to both.

Every relationship can be mended with enough love and understanding. So be patient and keep the flame alive!